From the TIME'S UP movement to the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, this last year has held major milestones for diversity and gender equality in the film industry. This inspired us to launch a campaign showcasing these milestones and promote a platform dedicated to supporting equal opportunity.

The FilmUp Society Hat reflects the diverse society we live in. It represents all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and the FilmUp brand. Our mission is to use this hat to promote a truly inclusive creative industry – starting with the FilmUp community. 

FilmUp is the platform for equal opportunity in the creative industry. This means that you, our community, can hold us accountable. Spreading this message and promoting this hat builds upon this idea and supports the development of our community.

Thank you for your contribution, for sharing this campaign with others, and for joining us in our pursuit of achieving equal opportunity not only in the film industry, but everywhere. We at FilmUp hold the firm belief that diversity begets creativity and look forward to representing all communities in our endeavors.


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The FilmUp Society Hat represents the community’s commitment to a diverse, equal opportunity film industry. The emblem on the front of the hat is an equal sign encircled by the ensō, the Japanese symbol for enlightenment and freedom of creativity. It also symbolizes the gathering of space, much like a community coming together with a shared intention. The rear of the hat showcases the FilmUp logo. We plan to continue building and supporting a platform that accurately reflects the diversity in our society and serve as an ever-growing resource in providing equal opportunity to all artists.



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